Having made an entrance at Dor'ysh and Co. our fiends find that their host is quite a bit more serious about security than his eccentric setup might first let on. It's high-flying action and thrills aplenty in this non-stop episode! Don't delay, listen today! 


Having discovered the depth of the depravities committed within Hawthorn Hill, our heroes attempt to bring the culprits to justice. Don't miss a minute of this action-packed episode! 4875x25_ENG_Sticker_2021_jpg8mh2c.jpg Runelanders is produced by Mad Atom Studios, with contributions from Cassie Goodwin-Harrison, Greg Setnik, CJ, Chris Stocovaz, and Carrie Copley. All copyrighted material is used under license. Details available at runelanders.com.. watch for our improved website coming soon! 

Join your favourite fellowship of felons as they delve into the darkness of Dor'ysh's Domain in search of answers to the Lantern Ghost mystery. What will they learn there? Let's find out!


If it's not public domain, we license the music we play through SOCAN or Creative Commons. Details on this and more, at runelanders.com!  

Having uncovered the first of Hawthorne Hill's distasteful secrets, our heroes peer still deeper to uncover the rest of the mystery. Why here? Why her? Mysteries are revealed, but tempers flare and risk everything in this exciting episode, so don't delay... listen today! 


All of our music is licensed through SOCAN, in the public domain, or via Creative Commons licence. Full details and playlists, along with more on the cast and crew, merch, lore, and more coming soon to runelanders.com! 

With Bet and Calder occupied elsewhere, Delilah and Shakir roam the Styles to see what they might see. 

4875x25_ENG_Sticker_2021_jpg8mh2c.jpgIf it's not in the public domain or Creative Commons, we license the music we use through SOCAN. Find out more at runelanders.com! 

This week, we pass the mic to Tallwater's Chance Durant as he treats us to a preview of NorCalMythos' upcoming game, LokDown! It's an anime-inspired action extravaganza that's as easy to learn as it is fun to play. Have a listen, see for yourself, and if you like what you hear why not snag a copy of your very own? 


LokDown, from NorCalMythos. On Kickstarter this month! 

We resume our Runeversal revelries next week, with a return to Rapscallions. But for now, get ready... and let's roll!

Music in this episode is licensed through SOCAN by Mad Atom Studios, who also provided production services. Performances and content produced c. 2021 NorCalMythos for the purposes of establishing ownership. 

In this latest chapter of Tallwater Tales, accompany our academic adventurers deeper into the darkness, and discover what exactly has been going on in the basement of the House on Hawthorn Hill, if you dare! Will they find the answers they seek and exorcise that ill-omened island, or will their quest yield only questions? 

Find out, in this exciting episode! Don't delay, listen today! 


4875x25_ENG_Sticker_2021_jpg8mh2c.jpgAll music in this episode is licensed through SOCAN, used in the public domain, or by Creative Commons license. 

Delilah looks up an old friend, Arabet makes a new one, and the gang gets drawn further into the deepening mystery surrounding the Lantern Ghost Murders. 

4875x25_ENG_Sticker_2021_jpg8mh2c.jpgOur party discovers more of the sinister secrets which hide in the holes beneath the horribly haunted house on Hawthorne Hill in this atmospheric episode. Don't delay, listen today! 

New website coming soon to runelanders.com. Watch this space! 

The mystery deepens as our quartet quests into the lost layer of the City of Steel and Steam in search of answers.  Will they uncover the secrets of the Lantern Ghost, or become its victims? Find out on this episode of the world's greatest curated retrofuturistic roleplaying drama podcast! 

Don't delay... listen today! 4875x25_ENG_Sticker_2021_jpg8mh2c.jpg


Music in this episode used under license from SOCAN, Creative Commons, or in the public domain. Cast and show lists available at runelanders.com! 

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